Calling All Top Chef Lovers!

Okay, so there’s this show called Top Chef.

You’ve probably heard of it. I hope you’ve heard of it. I hope you watch it. A lot of it. For full disclosure though, I will tell you I only watch it when I’m in the mood to be made hungry from all the deliciousness and then go eat food. Which is always.

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that YOU can save a chef. It gets you into the action, which is exactly like being in the Top Chef kitchen on the show making food for 3000 people with an onion and a piece of string on a moving train in 20 minutes. Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But pretty darn close.

So… get to it! The finale is fast approaching (Wednesday, February 27 if you’re totally not counting down the days or anything) and you need to go save your favorite chef. Lizzie. Brooke. Sheldon. I’m undecided, but I love them all. However, I would be happy to taste all their foods just to make sure. (I know. Life is tough.)

I’m completely unapologetic in the fact that I want a woman to win, but Sheldon is so adorable. I’m torn. Somebody please sway me! And go vote!

Who are you rooting for? (Or “For whom are you rooting?” if you want to be all fancy pants and grammatically correct.)

Seriously. I’m on the fence, but would be more than happy to jump off the fence and run in a specific direction if properly directed. If we can’t geek out about food television here, where can we do it? Geek away!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time by the Top Chef A-Lister program, but, as always, my opinions and unabashed love for Top Chef are completely my own. 

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