Homemade Healthy Oreos

These are so much more than a great reason to eat large quantities of homemade chocolate wafers.

Oreos have been elusive to me for quite some time now. I don’t think I’ve eaten any kind of Oreo in at least a year and a half, but probably more. Honestly, it’s a miracle I’ve functioned this long.

So it’s time to turn that Oreo-deprived frown upside down! Rejoice my friends, because we can enjoy this delectable and nostalgic delite (pun intended) once again.

I do have to say though, this recipe was not exactly easy to perfect. It took a long time in the making, and truth be told, I am rather proud of myself. Finding a copycat Oreo recipe that stands up to the original while being vegan, grain free, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, low calorie, low carb, and low fat is quite a trying task.

Coming up with the right homemade chocolate wafers was hard enough, but concocting a truly healthy and delectable frosting turned out to be a righteous feat in and of itself.

Just don’t let my complaining scare you off, ‘kay? Developing this recipe so I could share it with you (not to mention enjoy myself) was 1089% worth it. As long as you actually try these Oreos, of course. This is so important to me that I risked writing a fragmented sentence. Like I just did. And I just did another one. Oooh, I’m bad.

I’m trying this new thing where I recognize the strengths and weaknesses in myself, so here I go. I recognize a strength of mine is my ability to eat Oreos, and I recognize a weakness of mine is to my inability to not eat Oreos. I recognize a strength of mine is my ability to thoroughly confuse you to the point of humor, and I recognize a weakness of mine is my ability to confuse you. Like I just did. (Another fragmented sentence? Gosh, I’m really living on the wild side today.)

While I’m being wild, I’m going to go eat another Oreo. Or two. (Don’t worry. School is starting soon and I’m sure I’ll be back to using real sentences in no time.) Actually, this might take while… so I’m just going to leave you a recipe.

So go ahead. Fire up your oven, grab your peanut flour, and pour your milk. After all, your milk is about to find a new favorite cookie.

I’m sorry… cookies. You’re not going to stop at one. Consider that your warning.


Sorry, Nabisco. It looks like milk really does have a new favorite cookie.


-Kelly M.


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  1. Erin Nichols says

    Can I just say that I was SOOOO hoping you were going to make Oreos when you teased a follow-up to your wafer cookie recipe? I am so excited!! Really excited! Can’t contain myself excited!! (See, even English teachers can write fragments occassionally…lol)

    I am worried though too…I hate yogurt. The smell of it turns my stomach. It completely makes me gag. Does the filling have any resemblance of a yogurt taste? I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes in hopes it doesn’t!!!

    Thanks for another entertaining post, Kelly!!

  2. michelle says

    I didn’t have all the ingredients for the wafers, but apparently google says the wafers on oreos are about 20 calories (for both sides), so I just scraped out the filling on 6 oreos and filled it with this for the same effect and same calories. So if anyone doesn’t have the ingredients or time to make the wafers, there’s an alternative! P.s. thanks for so many great recipes :)

  3. Sophia L S says

    I made these oreos and the cookie turned out great! But one thing I will say is the icing was not sweet like an oreos filling should be. I think it was the greek yogurt that gave it a sour taste even when I added more sweetener.
    Maybe I should try using stevia, almond milk, and glucomannan (something I started using after me and my mom started Trim Healthy Mama; highly recommended book!) for the filling.
    Hhmmm… Maybe that will work. I’ll try it. :)

  4. sarah says

    Kelly! I have ate so many birthday cake batter cookies, like 17, I need some help , can you make a copycat recipe for that?

  5. Theresa Manning says

    Kelly ~

    I just saw a San Vicente Blvd. address… I live close to that address.

    Do you go to the Brentwood farmers market ? It’s fantastic, but I’m sure you know that, you awesome cook, you!

    • says

      Hey neighbor! I usually go to the Beverly Hills one, but I’ll have to check that out! I love the Brentwood Country Mart. Let’s meetup for lunch sometime!

      • Theresa Manning says

        Good morning Kelly ~

        I’d love to meet for lunch some time. Just shoot me an email and let me know what days work for you. Enjoy this gorgeous day!

        Theresa ☕

  6. Joseph says

    I wonder if lite Cool Whip would work for people who don’t like yogurt (like my sister LOL though she likes it in savory things like casseroles and most dips and stuff like that)

    • Dulcie de Kock says

      That’s a great substitution idea, Joseph! It’d be worth a shot, but I’m not sure if the outcome would be exactly the same. Remember that the nutritional info would also be different, as 1/4 cup lite Cool Whip has slightly more calories, fat, and sugar than 1/4 cup 0% greek yogurt, but less protein. Another good alternative might be cashew cream! While it is higher in calories, it is a more natural option than the lite cool whip. If you’re feeling a little creative, you could also mix a banana with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon pb2, Better ‘N Peanut Butter, or another nut butter or nut butter alternative, along with a tablespoon of almond milk to make “protein sludge”. Just stick the mixture in the freezer until it reaches the ideal consistency and you’re golden:-)

      • Joseph says

        Well I don’t think she likes anything with protein powders in it either and I don’t really blame her either because many of those storebought protein bars use some kind of protein powder that makes it taste funny and gritty. Only protein bar I found that I really really like is Balance brand dark chocolate mint protein bars because those taste like the thin mints LOL! But I believe she likes frozen yogurt so I might be able to soften some plain fat-free (or at least very low fat) frozen Greek yogurt (vanilla flavor although the strawberry flavored one would be interesting to use in these homemade oreos) and use that instead of straight up Greek yogurt

      • Joseph says

        We sometimes make mock ice cream sandwiches using chocolate graham crackers and spreading soft-frozen cool whip on them (and putting another piece of graham cracker on top of course)

  7. Joseph says

    For those who don’t mind Greek yogurt (like me and unlike my sister) I bet you could use fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt in the “cream filling” and probably skip the sweetener as fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt is already sweetened (with sugar) and you might be able to skip the vanilla extract too (unless you want extra vanilla flavor or want to customize the flavor of the “cream filling” a bit, like say by using coconut extract instead)


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