by Chris Graver

This is the crowning jewel in my cookie crown.

PB Cookies 12

From now on, this is the it cookie. We will accept nothing less. 1 cookie = 25 calories of rich, chewy yet slightly crunchy, sweet yet slightly salty, peanut buttery perfection.  This changes everything.

And no words can do them justice.

PB Cookies 4

PB Cookies 6

PB Cookies 10
PB Cookies 1

PB Cookies 2

PB Cookies 3
PB Cookies 5

PB Cookies 9
PB Cookies 7

PB Cookies 11

[cliffhanger be gone!…]

Have you ever wanted thousands of people to read what you write every day? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a writer or blogger and want to learn the ropes firsthand. This is your opportunity to learn everything you want about running a successful food blog, all while playing an invaluable part of its growth.

Are you a student (high school or college) looking for a part-time job you love? Apply. Are you a foodie with a few recipes to share? Apply. A nutritionist? A photographer? A writer? Apply!

Just explain your skills and interests in the application and we’ll use them to make you shine in your job here.


Current job openings

Executive Administrator

This is my right hand man/woman!

Responsibilities include:

  • moderating and responding to reader comments
  • reading and responding to email
  • various public relation work (you will receive specialized training)


Do you have a stash of fabulous recipes you want to share with hundreds of thousands of people? Are you an up and coming food blogger looking to grow your audience? This is your moment. Show off your delicious recipes and beautiful photography while making a name for yourself in the industry.

Responsibilities include:

  • creating mouth-watering, healthy recipes with scrumptious food photography


Are you a budding photographer looking for a way to get your work out there? You may be the perfect fit for photographing Foodie Fiasco recipes and developing lifestyle posts.

Responsibilities include:

  • styling and photographing Foodie Fiasco recipes or lifestyle posts
  • having a knack for photographer and the ability to edit your own pictures to make them shine

Technical Director

This job is perfect for the next Bill Gates. Salary will be negotiated.

Responsibilities include:

  • keeping the technical side of Foodie Fiasco up and running
  • handling the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Foodie Fiasco and its content.
  • developing any child sites as Foodie Fiasco continues to grow
  • programmers with experience developing mobile apps will be given special consideration

Social Media Specialist

Are you Facebook royalty? Are you the person to know on Instagram? This job is perfect for the social media enthusiast who wants to put all those hours online to good use.

Responsibilities include:

  • managing Foodie Fiasco’s social media channels (such as curating beautiful Pins, uploading gorgeous Instagram photos, and Tweeting)
  • promoting content across social media channels

Recipe Testers

Talk about a dream job! You will receive Foodie Fiasco recipes long before anyone else and be in charge of making them.

Responsibilities include:

  • testing the unreleased recipes and providing constructive feedback

Requirements for all openings. You must:

  • Be a team player!
  • Have an interest food/blogging
  • Speak English (this is an important one)
  • Be able to dedicate at least a few hours a week to working

You are NOT required to:

  • Live in Los Angeles, or even in the US! All you need is a reliable Internet connection.
  • Be a certain age or have a certain degree. As a teen blogger, I want to provide opportunities for other young aspiring foodies.


  • Special permanent feature on the Foodie Fiasco website
  • Business experience and a job title that is very impressive on any resume
  • A negotiable salary
  • Special previews of posts, recipes, newsletters, and the Foodie Fiasco eBook
  • Meeting friends! Foodie Fiasco has always been community driven, and our team will become very close.
  •  A dedicated Foodie Fiasco email address, and possibly business cards

Please fill out the application here! It only takes five minutes, and you’ll be glad you did. If you have any questions, always feel free to email me at kelly {at} I look forward to working with you!




Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars {Vegan + Low Carb + High Protein}

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Single Serving Cookie Dough

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First the wheel was invented, then the light bulb, and now this. Clearly I have a lot of history to brush up on before next year, but this single serving cookie dough has been my saving grace.  Have you ever wanted to eat a giant bowl of cookie dough? I know, only all the time. […]

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Food Blogging 101: Setting Up Bluehost

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Healthy Blueberry Muffins

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Healthy Cookie Cake

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It’s basically everything you could want in life. Our two most favorite things, cookies and cake, baked into rich, chocolatey perfection. It’s got the size and grandeur of a cake, with the soft and chewy decadence and crisp edges of your dream cookie. It’s like having her majesty Mrs. Fields right in your kitchen! Do […]

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Food Blogging 101: Choosing the Best Web Host

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What’s the secret to a professional, sparkling site? A great web host. So you’ve decided to go with self-hosted Wow. I have so much respect for you. You’re obviously serious about building your blog and have a lot of potential. It will only improve from here! Now that you’re on your way to becoming […]

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