by Chris Graver

French Onion Soup

by Kelly M

And now I dream of soup. Clearly I have my priorities straight.

Onion Soup 4

This onion soup is so worth busting out the breath mints. It’s blanketed in bubbly cheese and crusty bread and filled to the brim with magical caramelized onions. It tastes like winning the lottery, only creamier.

Onion Soup 5

finally made a blogging resources page. Well that only took a few years. I love you all so much, and it’s a pleasure to be able to share what I’ve learned from building Foodie Fiasco to over 800,000 page views (!?!?!) a month.  (No Mom, I can’t believe it’s happening either.)

So please do check it out. I spill all the programs that power Foodie Fiasco and have been invaluable in making it what it is today. I feel so lucky, and truly hope I can help you in your blogging endeavours.

But if you’re here to talk about the copious amounts of coffee and soup and coffee that bring us through the night, then you’re in the right place. Mmm. Soup. And coffee.

Onion Soup 6

Let’s begin, shall we? Roll up thy sleeves and channel Julia Child. (Congrats. You are now six feet tall and can walk on water. )

Golden, caramelized onions. Worth their weight in actual gold.

Onion Soup 1

It’s amazing what a little broth and a lot of time can do to a soup. Just an hour of letting the ingredients simmer and mingle creates a world of fairy dust in our bowls.

Onion Soup 2

Muster all the strength you possibly can to not eat the soup straight out of the pot… like I did. Oops.

Onion Soup 3

But we have to save a little room for the cheese blizzard!

Onion Soup 10
Did somebody say cheese?

Onion Soup 7

I do enjoy cheese.

Onion Soup 8

[cliffhanger be gone!…]

Healthy Carrot Cake

by Kelly M

I don’t know how many slices of this I ate. I stopped counting after three.

Carrot Cake 10

There’s something to be said for a cake that counts as a vegetable. I always knew cake was the base of the nutritional pyramid, and living the dream is admittedly sweet. Perfectly sweet, actually, with a hint of cinnamon.

I hope you had a lovely spring break, or at least took a well-deserved pace slowing to smell the roses of this beautiful season. I took the opportunity to laugh with friends, dirty a lot of dishes in the kitchen, spend lazy afternoons on the terrace with my yoga mat and fruits (or veggies) of my kitchen labor.

Carrot Cake 9

But it’s good to be back in a routine. The end of a break is bittersweet, much like the chocolate I didn’t give up for Lent. Oops. *conspicuously steps away and distracts friends with cake*

Shred the carrots in your Magimix, who has at this point become a full-fledged member of your family.

Carrot Cake 1

Set aside some of the batter, as it’s going to be the secret ingredient on our frosting. Fold the carrots into the rest of your batter.

Feel free to add walnuts for texture and authenticity, but I’m just not a nutty gal. More taste testing and spoon licking occurred on my part than I would care to admit.

Carrot Cake 3

Bake the cake for one of the longest thirty minute intervals of your life. I’m sorry about that. Allow me to offer Netflix and a promise of cake to pass the time.

Carrot Cake 2

Get lost in the universe of Mad Men and have this beauty greet you at the end of the tunnel/episode.

Carrot Cake 4

Make sure to effectively get frosting everywhere while attempting action shots.

Carrot Cake 5

I would have been more annoyed by having to clean everything up if this cake didn’t taste so darn good.

Carrot Cake 6

Carrot Cake 8

Carrot Cake 7 [cliffhanger be gone!…]

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

by Kelly M

If I could choose one food to live on, this would be it. I was stupefied by how much these tasted like actual buffalo wings. And considering that my (adorable) chubby childhood self would readily live on boneless buffalo wings, I’d consider myself an expert on the subject. My expert opinion? This recipe rocks of […]

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Nutella Swirl Muffins {Giveaway Now Closed}

by Kelly M

I’m alive! Please please forgive my missing-in-action-ness, but I went from a solid week of rehearsals leading up to a magical concert straight to a New York tour and lots of incredible food to share with you. It’s a whirlwind but I love it and I love you too and everything is okay. Actually, everything […]

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Single Serving Snickerdoodle {#MyHomeTownGuide LA Edition!}

by Kelly M

{Partner post} This is an ode to great food and an ode to joy. Is that redundant? This snickerdoodle is inspired by my favorite cookie of all time: the cinnamon sugar cookie from Diddy Riese in Westwood. It’s perfectly soft, perfectly sweet, and perfectly perfect. I aimed to recreate a healthy version of this indulgence […]

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Healthy French Toast

by Kelly M

This recipe has made me into a morning person. Seriously. Ask my mother. My third grade teacher. My dog who wants to be walked. Kelly does not do mornings, and heaven only knows what two plus two could equal before noon. So what is this miraculous breakfast that gets her up before the sun does? Fluffy, […]

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Single Serving Cinnamon Roll

by Kelly M

This is just one of those magical happy recipes. I adore it. I am considering choreographing an interpretive dance of appreciation for this cinnamon roll, but I don’t think it would do this miraculous confection justice. Perhaps a full-scale musical would be more fitting? It must clearly indicate how amazing this recipe is. Preferably with […]

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Healthy Texas Sheet Cake

by Kelly M

Also known as a big hunk of chocolate cake perfection. I feel like I should give you some history on this. Instead of quoting the Texas sheet cake Wikipedia page that does not exist, I’ll tell you that all my taste testers adored this and I’ve never been to Texas but I have seen it […]

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Healthy Ratatouille

by Kelly M

My dear friends: The Homies Awards are now open! I would be immensely and eternally grateful to you if you took a minute to slip in a good word about Foodie Fiasco. Whether or not you do, The Kitchn is too fabulous to pass up. I love you very much. Thank you thank you! This […]

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Healthy Cake Batter Truffles

by Kelly M

This is straight cake batter that is loaded with sprinkles and covered with chocolate. These truffles inspired me! I’ve always believed sprinkles can do magical things. So I did something interesting this weekend. I dug myself into the hole of interminable math and therefore concluded that the logical reaction would be to go to a women’s […]

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