by Chris Graver

First the wheel was invented, then the light bulb, and now this.

Cookie Dough 11

Clearly I have a lot of history to brush up on before next year, but this single serving cookie dough has been my saving grace.  Have you ever wanted to eat a giant bowl of cookie dough? I know, only all the time.

But alas! If only we could enjoy a ridiculously large portion of this forbidden cookie dough fruit without gaining 20 pounds and catching some rare disease and disappointing our mothers!

Well get ready for your life to change because NOW YOU CAN. It’s 85 calories, 3 minutes to make, and 1176% miraculous.

But how? Didn’t your mother say that traditional cookie dough was bad? A mother knows these things. She was right about not eating beans on a date and she is right about this. Luckily, we’re both right.

Just think that we used to ride around with square wheels, bump into things if we didn’t light a candle to get our midnight snack, and catch salmonella from said cookie dough midnight snack because my mother has never been wrong. (Everyone nod! She might be reading this!) This delicious, vegan, and completely safe-to-eat cookie dough has changed my life, and hopefully it will change yours too.

Start with putting some coconut flour in the cutest little jar you can find.

Cookie Dough 1

Add in some vanilla, sweetener, and applesauce (or banana… or butter mwahaha).

Cookie Dough 2

And stir it up so everything gets all cozy. Feel free to add more or less sweetener, but this will require taste testing. I know, it’s tough. The struggle is real.

Cookie Dough 3

Now stir in the almond milk ONE TABLESPOON AT A TIME. Sorry for shouting, but this seems to be the secret to taming the otherwise wild coconut flour.

Cookie Dough 4

Three tablespoons of almond milk gave me perfect cookie dough, but you may want to stop at two.

Cookie Dough 5

Get out the chocolate chips. Be still my heart.

Cookie Dough 6

Remember that you’re using these super healthy stevia chocolate chips and give yourself permission to accidentally spill too many of them. Right into the cookie dough. Oops.

Cookie Dough 7

Stir up the cookie dough and think about how darn easy that was.

Cookie Dough 8

Stop thinking and eat.

Cookie Dough 9

[cliffhanger be gone!…]

Do you have five minutes? You can have a professional blog.


Bluehost Setup

My friends, this is Christmas come early. Now that you’ve made the noble decisions to use and Bluehost , you can set up your blog in the blink of an eye. Technology is a beautiful thing.

Our goal here is to get you through this post and with a live blog in five minutes. Are you wondering if you should even start a blog? All I can say is do it. Do it and don’t look back.  Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and you’ll always be glad you started yours.

Ready to change your life? I’m here for you. Five minutes starting… now!

First head over to Bluehost.

Bluehost 1

Enter your desired domain name (more on this in the next post) and click next.

Bluehost 2

Okay, so you probably didn’t choose “I love foodie fiasco” as your domain name, but it’s available if you want it! After your actual domain name has been approved (i.e. it’s not taken), you’ll enter in your account information.

Bluehost 3

Now this is the hardest part of setting up your web host, but luckily it’s not hard at all. You’ll be presented with a few options, but just check the boxes so it looks like this:

Bluehost 4

Here’s a quick overview of the services you know what your choices are.

Search Engine Jumpstart

This is just a vague promise to get you into search engines. However, if you actually want to top search rankings, you’ll have to practice good SEO techniques (search engine optimization). I’ll say a lot more on SEO later, but for now don’t buy this service.

Site Backup Pro

You always need to back up your site, and this does it for you automatically. Although I still recommend having additional backups elsewhere, I say this service it worth it.

Sitelock Domain Security

Random security. Don’t do it.

Domain Privacy Service

This supposedly prevents your information from being accessible to public database records. I have this service and have been happy with it.

Now that’s that! Next, go back to the Bluehost website and login.

Bluehost 5 Bluehost 6

Once you’ve logged into your account, it’ll ask if you want assistance setting up. Say no because you don’t need it. I’ve got your back!

Bluehost 7


Now click on cPanel.



Bluehost 8

Down in the ‘Website Builders’ category, click on WordPress.

Bluehost 9

Now it’ll take you to the Mojo marketplace, with a little blurb on the wonders of WordPress. Click install.

Bluehost 10

Select your domain, leaving the ‘directory’ section blank. Click check domain.

Bluehost 11

You’re almost there! Click show advanced options. (Don’t worry, they’re not really that advanced.)

Bluehost 12


Now type in your blog’s name along with your desired login username and password for your blog’s admin panel. Then just click install.

Bluehost 13


Let it finish installing and you’re done!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS. Welcome to the blogosphere! Your WordPress site is live and ready for action. Stay tuned and we’ll make your site shine.


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