Nutella Brownies
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Yield: 12 brownies
  • ¾ cup erythritol
  • ¼ cup almond meal
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 4 egg whites (or 3 tablespoons of egg replacer mixed with 12 tablespoons of water)
  • ½ cup Nutella (I used my homemade healthy version, but if you use homemade Nutella then I recommend warming it up in the microwave first so it's softer and easier to work with.)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Mix erythritol, almond meal, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. Add in egg whites or egg replacer mixture, ¼ cup Nutella, and vanilla extract and stir until completely combined, which may take a few minutes. Make sure there are no pockets of cocoa powder. Pour batter into a greased or foil lined 8X8 pan. Drop the remaining ¼ cup of Nutella in spoonfuls into the batter and swirl with a knife. Bake in the oven at 350°F for 30-35 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  3. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes
  4. Yield: 12 brownies Calories: 67 Net Carbs: 2g Protein: 5g
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 brownies (1/12 recipe) Calories: 67 Net Carbs: 2g Protein: 5g
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