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Would you like to work with Foodie Fiasco? Great! Good thing there are a bunch of different ways to do it:

1. Product Reviews and Giveaway- If you have a relevant product and would like to host a giveaway or product review on Foodie Fiasco, I would most likely be thrilled to work with you. Please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com.

2. Product/Brand Ambassador- Do you have an amazing product or brand that you would like to get the word out about? Having Foodie Fiasco represent your product or brand through blog posts and/or social media is the perfect way to reach thousands of dedicated readers everyday. Please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com to discuss this further.

3. Publish the Foodie Fiasco Book- I am very interested in publishing a Foodie Fiasco book (most likely containing original dessert recipes), and am currently looking for a literary agent and publisher. If you are interested in publishing a Foodie Fiasco book, please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com

4. Sponsored Posts- Would you like to have your relevant content promoted on Foodie Fiasco? Please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com.

5. Interviews- Are you writing an article or book and would like to ask me a few questions? I would love to give you answers! Please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com.

6. Articles- Would you like Foodie Fiasco to write an article for your publication? I could develop an orginal recipe and/or write a piece on another topic of your choosing. I absolutely love doing freelance work, so please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com

7. Travel Review- If there is a place you would like me to travel to and promote, please let me know at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com

8. Company/Brand Events- If your company is holding an event or press trip and would like me to be involved to share my experiences with my readers, please email me at kelly {at} foodiefiasco {dot} com

Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you!


  1. says

    I live on low carb diet. I use flax flour almond flour and coconut flour. If you want recipes I will be glad to share them. Would you please list carb and fiber content on your recipes. thank you,Sandra

  2. Justine says

    Hello Kelly ! (:

    I just wanted to say that I have related to you in every way while I was looking through your blog ! Food always was my obsession and I managed to turn it into a postive fact just like you! I’m now a vegan and aiming to be as raw as I can, always trying new recipes hehe 😉 You seem so mature in your writting I wish you’ll reply and just tell me how everything’s going !
    Take care! xx

    • says

      Justine, you seem like a wonderful person. I’d love to keep in touch! Please send me an email at kelly {at} and we’ll chat. :)

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