Cookie Dough Crumble Bars

I ate no fewer than 4 straight out of the oven.

Cookie Bars 5

This is just an absurdly decadent confection that way shouldn’t be healthy but is anyway. I was so confused by the utter deliciousness I had to sample x4. Or more. Could have been 6. I did this instead of my math homework so it really could be anything.

We’re talking indulgent cookie dough studded with chocolate, given the lux treatment by the ambrosia that is sweetened condensed milk. 90 calories. 1 net carb (!!??!!). Oh yes.

Cookie Bars 8

The magic of this recipe is in the magic of the simple yet stunning flavor combination. There’s just something cookie dough and sweetened condensed milk. I mean you had me at cookie dough, but once you bring in swconmlk? (<- painful abbreviation for sweetened condensed milk I just came up with please don’t use it ever thanks)

Minds will be blown.

Cookie Bars 9

Make sure to be mesmerized by the all-consuming deliciousness of this dessert and ignore last week’s manicure. It’s a team effort around here.

Cookie Bars 4

I’m pretty sure sweetened condensed milk is actually sweetened condensed dreams of completel and utter joyful blissful euphoric happiness. But that’s harder to remember so they just called it milk for short.

Cookie Bars 7

Take it to the next level (yes it’s possible) both taste and health wise with my homemade version.

Cookie Bar 1

This is the parting of the sweet seas over here I mean seriously.

Cookie Bars 2Cookie Bars 1
Cookie Bars 10

I brought them to school tied up in a bow all fancy like. Kids fought over them. I’m prouder of that than I should be.

Cookie Bars 11


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Protein Packed Coconut Macaroons

So now things are different.

Macaroons 5

First and foremost… these macroons. Wow.

They’re filled with protein and a cinch to make! And at only 23 calories, you can eat an absurd amount like I did and still rock those skinnies. You’ll never look at the typical sugary confection the same way again.

Macaroons 6

Second… the silence. I announced my return from oblivion on Instagram a few days ago and I’m officially back from the dead.

I love you so I won’t make you read the great american novel of an explanation, but basically my expectations for the blog were too high and its position on the priority list was too low. If I couldn’t spend 15 hours on a post then I wouldn’t post at all. Multiply that by a few months and you have some very hungry foodies.

Macaroons 9

So apparently I can’t stop working 60-80 weeks without going to clown college, but I can change how I go about the blog. I won’t spend as much as time doing stupid admin/tech stuff, but you don’t want 25 pictures of the same dish accompanied by 1000+ words of my rambling anyway so I think this will work out well for everyone.

Now I can get back to doing what I love. Cooking, sharing my art and soul recipes, and of course talking with you guys! (<- you’re actually my most favorite part but shhh don’t tell the food)

Macaroons 10

Another thing to clear up. I’ve spent this post arguing with spellcheck over macaron vs. macaroon. Let’s settle this like grown ups. We’re talking cookies here. This is serious.

macaroons -> fabulous coconut nuggets of coconutty fabulousness

macarons -> those fancy french cookie sandwiches you see in bakeries that cost the next three months rent and the soul of your firstborn child (yet I still buy them anyway because of course)

Macaroons 1

Roll your macaroons into neat little balls and place on your antique baking sheet lined with pretty parchment paper. We’re a class act here.

Macaroons 2

Macaroons 3

I have eaten way too many at this point. It’s not cute.

Macaroons 4

But these macaroons are very cute. And healthy. I see no downsides. I’m going back for more.

Macaroons 7

Macaroons 8



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2014 Collage

Life, Bites, and Resolutions {2014 Edition}

I’m so happy to see you! We haven’t talked since last year! Okay I’m sorry. The new year’s jokes get older every year. Because I completely deserved whatever eye rolls I just received, let me make it up to you with a platter of 2014’s greatest hits. 1. Healthy Crepes | 2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars | 3….

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Cauliflower Rice 8

Cauliflower Rice a Roni + Blendtec Giveaway {$650 Value!}

The following post was sponsored by the wonderful Blendtec via Fitfluential. As always, all opinions and attempts of humor are completely my own. This is huge. I love you all so much. I turned 17 this week and, in order to properly express my appreciation for your existence, wanted to celebrate with an appropriately extravagant gift…

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Stew 8

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

Does anyone else think it should be illegal for snow to fall before December? It’s barely halfway through autumn and already its been snowing on and off for the past few weeks. Sure, it hasn’t stayed on the ground yet, but the increasingly cold weather is a scary reminder that I need to start mentally…

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Pumpkin Muffins 11

Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Behold the newest addition to the list of greatest hits. This recipe is without a doubt one of the best to ever grace my kitchen. Perhaps any kitchen. I’m just very pleased with how delicious and healthy these are and I ate like three straight out of the oven and I’m really into superlatives right…

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Hummus 10

Healthy (Oil Free) Hummus

Things are happening! Let’s eat some hummus and talk about it. First off, this hummus is perfection. I know because I had 9 fabulous taste testers who said so. (NINE. And there are 19 chefs total in the Foodie Fiasco Test Kitchen because I’m the luckiest person alive.) Considering my standard for hummus was set…

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