Low Carb “Sweet Potato” Casserole

Meet your holiday table’s new best friend.

Butternut Casserole 9

I can give you a beautiful story about how my family has bonded over sweet potato/marshmallow concoctions at our festivities since just about forever, but I don’t think I can do this dish justice. Just believe me when I say it’s magical.

Butternut squash is the sweet potato’s cooler yet terribly underated cousin, and it’s about time we showed it some love. It’s creamy, flavorful, and has a fraction of the calories and carbs of sweet potato.

Pureed with the perfect blend of spices and served with a generous helping of toasted marshmallows, this underrated beauty is about to be the star in a dish you won’t soon forget.

Butternut Casserole 5

The party-goers at the Thanksgiving celebration I brought this to gobbled it up and begged for the recipe. I don’t understand how vegetables can taste so good, and frankly, I don’t really care. All I know it that now I’m getting hungry.

Is it possible to want more leftovers? Apparently. Excuse me while I go make another batch. it doesn’t make sense and I love it.

Butternut Casserole 10


Start by making your golden puree. I didn’t give exact measurements for the spices because I want to encourage sampling. Be the master of your domain. Taste as you go! It’s liberating. And delicious.

Butternut Casserole 1

Now add to your baking dish of choice. I used a cast iron skillet because my baking dish of choice may or may not have been clean and heaven knows I do love my cast iron skillet.

Butternut Casserole 2

Smooth it out, making sure to dedicate a moment to appreciating the creaminess.

Butternut Casserole 3

“Gee, I wish this had fewer marshmallows,” said no one ever.

Butternut Casserole 4

Darn it, this casserole could win a beauty pagent.

Butternut Casserole 6

Make sure to give yourself a generous helping. You’ve earned it! And this isn’t going to last long.

Butternut Casserole 7


Butternut Casserole 8

Have you ever tried butternut as a substitute for sweet potato?

If you have not, just know it’s magical. I hope you love it!



  1. says

    Believe it or not I don’t like sweet potatoe-the American kind anyway-I do like Okinawa purple sweet potatoes, hehe. Anyway, I love the idea of using butternut squash as a sub. Next up, pie?

  2. Felicia says

    Looks and sounds great! My only request that you give a starting off measurements for sweetener, curry, etc. for us beginners. I usually don’t attempt recipes that don’t because I really have no idea how much a pinch, a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. but I love sweet potato casserole :)

  3. Megan says

    Regular marshmallows are not vegan. They contain gelatin. Just thought I would comment because you have the recipe tagged as vegan.

  4. Katie says

    Ohmygosh I’m going to make this next weekend (finals this week ew) I love butternut squash so much…. Do vegan marshmallows work in this recipe? I want to share the butternut squash appreciation!!! :D

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