Fiasco Challenge # 1 Accouncement!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!

My first fiasco challenge is about to start! (If you don’t know what the heck that is, then click here.)

So here’s the deal, I am about to start Opera camp (yes, I happen to be a classically trained opera singer,) and since it’s a 9-3 day, we’re going to need to eat something at some point.

There is no cafeteria, no refrigerator, and no microwave. This is a good old fashioned school lunch. So, during the school year, I have the exact same lunch every single day: A pb and j with the same bread, peanut butter, and jelly (actually I use preserves,) and a fuji apple. Fascinating, right? (NO!)

So here’s what I’ll be doing, for two weeks (the duration of the camp,) I will make myself eat something different every single day. I am not allowed to repeat anything except a bottle of water.

I intend on also making certain day follow certain guidleines (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, gluten free.)

This will run August 1-5 (next Mon.- Fri.) and August and August 8-12 (the following Mon.-Fri.) seeing as thought the camp does not take place on weekends.

So this may effect my regular recipe postings, because it will dilute my time to test out recipes. I have a chocolate chips studded recipe that I should post soon, but other that that, I don’t know what’ll happen for the next two weeks.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Just eave a comment. I would love to here from you! :)

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