Amazing Low Carb Brownies

I know what you’re thinking.

She’s lying. Low carb anything tastes like cardboard. Period.

But that’s not true! So get your tongue off the screen and listen to me.

Low carb amazingly delicious brownies for just over 300 calories a tray that actually don’t taste like cardboard.

Got it? No? You’re overwhelmed? I get it.

Let me slow this down for you.

Brownies are delicious, right? You know what…I’m answering that for you. Yes they are. Continue on to the next thing.

You could eat less carbs, right? Of course. And if not, save your carbs here and spend them on a bigger bowl of pasta at dinner.

Couldn’t you save a few calories? But if you’re not watching your waistline, think of it this way: Less caloric food= a lot more of it.

So why not put these all together? So I did! But if you don’t believe me, I have a formula for it, because formulas always make things seem more official.

Delicious+low carb+low calorie= amazing low carb brownies.

I’m even making math taste good, too!

These brownies are rich, chocolate-y, and amazingly true to the original Ghiradelli brownies we all know and love. These really depend on the xylitol for their authentic flavor and texture while remaining low carb and calorie, but you could use sugar if your really wanted to, and I wouldn’t really recommend using stevia.

*Update* Calculated with erythritol

Serving size: 1 whole tray (!)

Calories: 330

*Update: Net carbs: ~47 grams with egg replacer, 23 grams with egg whites *

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Amazing Low Carb Brownies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 16 brownies
  • ¾ cup granulated xylitol or erythritol
  • ¼ cup almond meal
  • ½ cup cocoa powder (you can use carob if you want, or are doing the no chocolate thing)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 3 Tablespoons of egg replacer mixed with 12 Tablespoons of water OR 4 egg whites
  • ¼ cup applesauce
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Mix xylitol, cocoa powder, almond meal, baking powder, and salt. Add in egg replacer mixture or egg whites, applesauce, and vanilla extract and stir until completely combined, which may take a few minutes. Make sure there are no pockets of cocoa powder. Spoon/pour batter into a greased or foil lined 8X8 pan. Bake in the oven at 350F for 30-35 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  3. Ignore letting them cool and scarf down half the pan.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 brownie Calories: 20

Yeah… I went there.




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  1. says

    Im glad you told me to get my tongue off the screen, I was ready to inhale my computer. When I saw the serving size, I pooped in my pants and screamed at the same time. I ADORE YOU KELLY.

    • says

      No. I ADORE YOU. If I made a running list of some of the nicest things people have told me through the blog, I think this comment would be one the top things. I LOVE you (in like a non-creepy way)..

    • says

      Thank you for the question, Ellen! I really wouldn’t use Splenda or stevia simply because it can’t caramelize like xylitol can. You can get xylitol at Whole Foods-esque places or online. I hope that helps!

        • says

          Okay, lame story alert. I opened my email on my phone and this comment popped up. Then I laughed. Then milk came out of my nose. Then I fell out of my chair. Moral of the story: You have a fantastic sense of humor. End of lame story.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh brownies. I’ve been dreaming about them all morning, ya know? It’s one of those days. I’m thinking brownies for breakfast sometime soon!!

    • says

      Thank you so much for the question! The carb count I listed was the net carb count (total carb – fiber). Is that what you’re looking for? That’s how I count my net carbs (newbie low carber alert!) I hope this helps!

    • says

      Thanks for the question! I updated the recipe with the carb count: net carbs: ~47 grams with egg replacer, 23 grams with egg whites. Have a lovely day!

    • says

      Thank you for the question! I haven’t tried it with eggs, but I imagine it would work just fine. As far as the applesauce goes, you can definitely sub it for oil, or maybe even pumpkin or mashed banana. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Natalie B says

    so 15 tablespoons of egg replacer?? or just 3? what does it mean 3 tbsp mixed with 12 tbsp?
    thanks :)

  4. Holly says

    Oh my gosh, I just took these out of the oven and had one hot, straight from the pan – Delicious! I was wary at first due the the many trials and failures of making healthy brownies that I’ve endured, but wow, I’m impressed!
    If only Xylitol wasn’t so expensive here in Ireland – €4 for only 225g.

    I will definitely make these again, thank you!

    • says

      Thank you SO much for trying these! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking your time and money (wow, xylitol in Ireland IS really expensive!) to make one of my recipes! I guess I’ll just have to come to Ireland to give you some cheap American xylitol. 😉

      • Holly says

        You’re very welcome , I always love to experiment in the kitchen! Yes it is very expensive. I wanted to buy coconut flour since you use it in a lot of your recipes, but it costs €10 (around $13), from a health food shop… crazy! But maybe I’ll have to invest.
        Oh my gosh, I was in the US during the summer and my aunt brought me to Trader Joes and Whole Foods, I fell in love!

        • Anette says

          i live in Ireland too, and i order all my health food online at its soooo much cheaper. the cheapest shipping (under 1800g) is only 6$ and as long at your total order is under 20€ u dont have to pay any tax. its amazing! oh and u get around 450g of Xylitol for 4€ there 😉

          • says

            Wow, thank you so much for the information! I have heard wonderful things about iHerb, but haven’t ordered anything from there yet. I should get on the bandwagon! Thanks so much, Anette!

  5. says

    These look positively delicious! I’d have to substitute the applesauce for oil though – same quantity?
    Anyway, I linked to this recipe over at my own blog, it was too good not to share :)

  6. Sad says

    I just tried these and failed :( not sure what happened, I’m assuming “c.” stood for cups. They came out too watery…

    • says

      I am so sorry these didn’t come out for you! Hmmm… this seems very strange. Too watery? The batter is actually supposed to be quite thick. “C” does stand for cups, and I updated the recipe to reflect that just so there isn’t any confusion in the future. Did you use egg replacer or egg whites? Are you at an altitude? I really want to fix this problem! I hope this helps, and I am so sorry again. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, email me at

      • Melissa says

        I had the same problem. Way too liquidy! Im going to try them again today with more flour. I will let you know how they turn out!

  7. says

    I’m confused about the calorie count on this…isn’t Xylitol 10cal per teaspoon. So if three teaspoons=one tablespoon and 12 tablespoons=3/4 cup than wouldn’t the xylitol alone add 360 calories to these brownies? Am I missing something here?

    • says

      Hi Rachel, and thank you so much for the question! I really feel like an idiot for not addressing this sooner, but you really brought up a good point. I’m going to be completely honest: I’m human. I made a mistake. I have a package of xylitol that says zero calories on it, and I just took it for face value without doing more research. I’m sorry. So between my RD friend and my new research, I have an answer for you. Xylitol does have calories, and it’s about half the amount found in sugar. HOWEVER, xyltiol also has a very low clycemic index, it barely, if at all, touches your blood insulin, and your body only partly absorbs it, so you can’t really account for all the calories, anyway. So that’s why I did not include xylitol in the calorie count. Plus, even if xyltiol really does have 10 calorie a teaspoon, you can’t eat more than one or two brownies anyway because xyltol will make you sick if you eat too much. So you really can’t take in too many more calories than you thought you were. If you’re still skeptical (which I totally understand) just use erythritol, which actually does have next to no calories. I hope this helps!

      • tara says

        Awe man, wish I’d seen this sooner. I spent a lot of $ on xylitol, took in more calories than I thought, AND got bad diarrhea :(

  8. Anette says

    hello.. just made a coconut version of this.. used coconut flour and then added some coconut essence.. turned out absolutely divine.. (the batter turned out needing some more liquid so added a splash of almond milk :)..

    thanks for the amazing recipe..

    • says

      Yay! Thank you so much for thrying these, Anette! I absolutely love how you doctored up the recipe to make a coconut version. GENIUS! Did you just use 1/4 cup coconut flour instead of the almond flour? Maybe I could post that as a separate recipe later and dedicate it to YOU!

  9. Mary Cat says

    Are these brownies sweet enough? I always think that cocoa powder is really bitter, and I am worried about that!

    • says

      Thanks so much for the question! I am totally with you in the bitter chocolate thing- can’t stand it! Believe me, these brownies are definitely sweet enough. I hope you enjoy and I hope this helps!

  10. Aly Koch says

    foodgasm. Quick question, could I use ground flax seed instead of almond meal? Would that work?


    seriously, foodgasm.

    • says

      Thanks for the question! I haven’t tried this recipe with flax meal, but am a little doubtful if it would work. Almond meal is simply ground almonds, and it is very simple to make at home. I hope this helps, and have a lovely day!

      • Emily says

        I have been trying to use less sugar and lower carbs in my cooking for about a little while now and my chocolate cravings are starting to get to me (definite chocoholic here). So, I found your recipe and was super excited.

        I decided to use flax meal, against your warnings, because I couldn’t find almond meal in any of my local stores and almonds are so expensive right now, to try to make my own. The closest Whole Foods is 45 miles away so flax it was; and by damned, I was determined to make these brownies and satisfy my chocolate cravings. I already had a banana so I used 1/4 cup instead of the applesauce.

        And I would like all y’all to know– it worked! The flax did great! I used the same amount as the recipe calls for almond meal (1/4 cup). I don’t have anything to compare them to other than “normal” brownies but they were super moist and sweet (almost too sweet, I will use less sugar-substitute next time). They weren’t dense like I am used to my brownies being but for the reduced calories, fat, and sugar– I really cannot complain, and I got my chocolate fix! Thanks so much!!!! I will definitely be using this recipe in the future!

  11. Janelle says

    Made these subbing the same amount of erythritol for the xylitol, using oil instead of the applesauce, and 4 whole eggs instead of just the egg whites….SUCCESS! they rose beautifully, are moist and chocolately and great! Got about 9 huge pieces for just 2.2 g of carbs each :)

    • says

      Thank you sooo much for making these, Janelle! It’s great to know that erythritol works because it is calorie free, so I’ll have to update the recipe. Would you mind telling me where you buy your erythritol? Thanks!

  12. Janelle says

    I used the NOW brand from, but there was a slight ‘cooling’ aftertaste when eaten at room temperature (but not when warmed up in the microwave…so good!). The Swerve brand is a little more expensive but doesn’t have the cooling effect and measures cup for cup like sugar.

  13. Erin says

    OMG…in my experience eating low carb since September, low carb desserts are NOT worth the ingredients and effort. This is one very fine exception to that rule! These are delicious!!!!! I hope you don’t mind, but I link this to facebook for my other low carb friends. These are too good not to share!!! Just FYI for others, (if I did my math correctly), when cut into 12 brownies (8×8 pan), I got 1.5 net carbs per brownie. When cut into 9 brownies, there would be 2.1 net carbs. Not bad at all!!!

    • says

      Thank you SOO much for making these, Erin, and I am very glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for correcting my math; obviously calculating carbs in not quite my forte! 😉 And yes, you would make my week by sharing this with your friends. Actually, you would make my month. You. Rock.

  14. says

    Just made these using 3T coconut flour instead of 1/4 cup almond meal, and stevia instead of xylitol. Also used ground flaxseed instead of egg replacer.. they turned out nice! Needed a little more liquid, and baked for an extra 5 minutes but DELICIOUS! Fudgey, and didn’t have to worry about underbaking!
    Thank you so much!

    • says

      You poor thing! I’ve subbed regular old white four before and it came out fine, and I have heard positive reports with people subbing groud flaxseeds, even though I haven’t tried that one myself. Hope this helps, and good luck!

  15. says

    The best low carb brownies I’ve tasted! I also used some stevia as well as xylitol! Just because I can, hehe!
    I loooove you for sharing this recipe! Oh joy!!!

  16. Eso says

    Just tried these, they came out good! I didn’t have the xylitol on hand, subbed with Splenda instead [you know, for Science(TM)!], and decided that I should have listened to you cautioning against it! LOL! Really though, these came out really good, MUCH better than other low carb recipes, but not quite the consistency described above. I also subbed oil for applesauce and 3 whole eggs instead of 4 egg whites. Husband ate half a pan, as recommended. 😉 Can’t wait to do this again with xylitol!

  17. Erin says

    Kelly, I’ve already posted about how wonderful these brownies are, but I just had to post again. I just made these brownies for the third time today. I can’t think of ANY other low carb dessert I’ve made multiple times! These are so stinkin’ good!! Everyone who tastes them can’t believe they are gluten and sugar free! I’ve posted this on Pinterest and posted a link to Facebook. I tell anyone I can about these when I can casually slip it into a conversation without sounding like a crazed brownie addict! :) Love them!!!

  18. Eso says

    Made this again today, this time with xylitol and other ingredients exactly as written. They. Are. So. GOOD!!! Woman, I love you for making this low carb, low calorie alternative to the real thing! I found that they were excellent while still warm from the pan, but tasted even “fudgier” and more like the Ghiradelli brownies when completely cooled. I also made sure to use Ghiradelli brand unsweetened cocoa this time. This is now my new chocolaty obsession! Thank you, thank you! :)

  19. Tracey says

    Two questions, what would be the calorie count if I used Now Foods Granulated Erythritol vs Xylitol?
    Also, I noticed a lot of people rather sub oil for the 1/4th cup are they using 4tbsp oil?

    • says

      Hi Tracey! Erythritol is calorie free while xylitol has about 10 calories a tablespoon, so that is how much the calorie count would be affected. I haven’t actually subbed the applesauce with oil myself, but I assume you would use 4 tablespoons. Hope this helps!

  20. John says

    I love you in general, Kelly but these were not a hit for me. :( I made ZERO substitutions, I followed the recipe exactly as written. I pulled the plug and called the time of death after 45 minutes in the oven and a pudding like consistency in the pan. My batter was extremely thin. I should have added some more almond meal or coconut flour or something, but I tried to bake them as-is. And I just REALLY do not like egg substitute. Next time I will use real eggs. Sorry to rain on your parade…. :(

  21. Dennis says

    I tried out this recipe. I substituted 3/4 cup of splenda for the xylitol or erythritol and used 4 medium egg whites. I found that the batter was too little for an 8×8 pan. It barely covered it (maybe half an inch). I baked it for 15 minutes and it was already done. It barely rose, so maybe next time I will use 4 whole eggs instead.

    My taste tester said it was a little bitter, but I attribute that to using unsweetened hershey’s cocoa and unsweetened apple sauce. Maybe next time if I try the recipe I’ll add more splenda or get sweetened cocoa to compensate.

    It made 9 pieces and from the ingredients I used it came out to:
    4.8g carbs
    97.5 calories
    6.6g fat
    6.4g protein

    • says

      Hi Dennis. First off, thank you so much for trying this recipe and I am very sorry it is not working out like it should. After reading your comment the cuplrit was obvious: you can’t sub Splenda for the xylitol or erythritol in this reipe. The texture relies too heavily on the authenticity for the sugar alcohol, and Splenda simply does not deliver.

      I’m not quite sure how you cme up with the nutritional info, but it’s not correct. Just FYI, I’ve found that the calorie counters in the databases are almost always inaccurate. Make sure that you’re calculating the calories with erythritol and not xylitol, as erthritol is calorie free and slightly lower carb. Hope this helps!

    • says

      Grr. I wish it were powdered too! I did use granulated erythritol, but I haven’t tried this recipe with powdered erythritol, so I don’t know how it would work. I know granulated erythritol can be a bit hard on the wallet, but it’s cheaper when you buy it online at places such as here or Thanks for the question, and I hope this helps!

  22. 3923 says

    “Whole Paycheck? Er, foods. I meant whole foods!;)”

    Cute comment Ellen. I’ll have to take your word about WF, but if I had been drinking coffee, it would have come out of my nose too.

  23. Sj says

    OH my gosh, I’m about to die
    These look amazing!
    one thing-CALORIE count?
    about to make a TON of this!!

  24. John says

    I made these a whle back and they didn’t turn out. I am still scratching my head at the “egg beaters plus 12 tablespoons of water.” Huh? That just seems like a major typo to me. My batter was all watery and I couldn’t get them to set up at all. But the desire for yummy brownies and the rave reviews on this site brought me back.

    This time I followed the recipe exactly, EXCEPT I used one large egg and NO water in place of the egg beaters. They turned out MUCH better!!! :) It seems I am not that fond of applesauce and the xylitol seems a bit overpowering, but the edges of my brownies had something ALL my other low carb brownie recipes have failed miserably at……CHEWINESS. So Kelly, you get a thumbs up from me!! I will still probably tweak this recipe a bit, but I do like it now. I wonder how butter would do in place of the applesauce? And maybe a mixture of sweeteners would offset the strong Xylitol aftertaste? I will try some more and report back here. Great blog, Kelly. Keep up the great work!!!! 😉

  25. Caitlin says

    JJJJuuuusssttt made these. Added no added sugar chocolate chips. AMAZING. Used 4 egg whites and granulated xylitol. Better than real ones. Ri-donk-you-lus! Thank you ever so much :)

  26. Tyler says

    I made these today with a couple small changes. I couldn’t use Xylitol because that would mess up my keto diet. I doubled the recipe and so I used 1/2 C Stevia, 1 C Splenda. I used 1/2 C of pumpkin instead of applesauce. I used 4 egg whites and 3 eggs. And as the recipe calls for 1 whole C of cocoa! I pulled them out of the oven after 27 min. they ended up being dry. The bottom didn’t stick together very well. And the taste was bitter. Too much cocoa seemed like part of the culprit, and likely the Stevia/Splenda mix. I think with some tweaks and less time in the oven, perhaps at a higher temp these have some real promise. the texture is the best I’ve found so far. Do you think Erythritol is the key? I couldn’t find it and it is likely a bit pricey… Any other suggestions!? Would butter help? Thanks for the recipe and answering all of these many posts!


    • says

      Hi Kelley! This is actually a fantastic question and, unfortunately, I do not have a definite answer for you. What is Z sweet made of? If it is erythritol or xyltiol based, then this recipe should turn out fine. However, if it is stevia or Spenda, I don’t think the recipe will work out very well. Also, if there is a conversion rate on the package, you should take note of that too before making the recipe. Thanks again, and I hope this helps!

      • Kelley says

        Just checked and it is erythritol based! Ill be trying this out very soon with it!
        Another question, could I grind up some oatmeal to a flour and use that in place of the almond meal? :)

  27. Cate says

    Wow – I just discovered your yummy website, Kelly. You rock! I made these brownies tonight and they are deeee-lish! I used a quarter cup banana rather than applesauce, added pecans, and went with erythritol, since I didn’t have enough xylitol. Looking forward to trying out more of your creations.

    Your writing has such lovely energy – an added bonus. Thanks so much!

    • says

      Thank you so much for making these brownies, Emily! Erythritol can cost a fortune, but I buy mine at a heavily discounted price at (Just placed an order now!) Hope this helps!

  28. Chris says

    Anyone try this with pumpkin puree in place of apple sauce? I’m thinking pumpkin’s creaminess would be better suited to this application than apple sauce. There are tons of “brownie mix + pumpkin puree” recipes out there compared to “brownie mix + apple sauce”. Is there any appreciable difference between xylitol and erythritol in terms of taste and texture?

    • says

      Hi Chris! This is actually a fantastic question, and my instinct would be to say that pumpkin would work beautifully. I have not tried it myself and therefore cannot personally vouch for the results, but I have a feeling the recipe will work really well with pumpkin puree. If you try it, can you let me know how it goes? Thanks!

      • Chris says

        I will next time. I made this and tonight for my pre-diabetic mother’s birthday as the recipe specifies, except I couldn’t find xylitol or erythritol at Frys/Kroger. The closest thing they had was Nectresse, which is primarily erythritol, so I went with that. It was pretty intensely sweet, but not deal-breakingly so. This was definitely the best low carb chocolate dessert I’ve made, and it’s incredible considering the calorie count and lack of fat. The texture was pleasantly moist. They were somewhat delicate and cake-like instead of fudgey. My sister said they don’t taste like diet food. Next time I’ll either find pure xylitol or erythritol, reduce the sweeetener amount slightly, and try pumpkin instead of apple sauce. Young lady, I was incredulous to read that you are only 14 years old. You are wise beyond your years and your blog is a treasure trove. Keep up the awesome work.

  29. Terri says

    Couple of questions…..has anyone subbed black bean puree for applesauce (adds fiber)? Or, used Carbquik for any portion of the flour? If so, how did it turn out?

    • says

      Hi Terri. No, I have not tried subbing black bean puree (canned pumpkin puree is also lovely, and rather fibrous) and I have not used Carbquick. You can make almond flour at home by grinding up almonds and then running them through a fine mesh sieve.

  30. aubrey thompson says

    hi, im sixteen years old gluten and dairy intolerant. My mom recently decided to lose some weight and knowing me to bake every single day, she requested low carb gluten free desserts. anyway these just came out of my oven and i already ate half the tray! THEY WERE SPECTACTULAR! I was hesitant because i didnt thiknk 330 calories in an entire tray of brownies was possible. but it is, these are supberb. I cannot wait for my mom to come home and try them. I cant wait to make more of your recipes…
    Thank you so much!!!!

  31. Karen says

    I bought NOW erythritol and it is 4 carbs per tablespoon. I didn’t realize when I purchased. I thought it all was 0 carb. nope. I won’t be buying this brand again. Have the brownies in the oven now. can’t wait. seems like a great recipe.

    • says

      Thank you for the information Karen! The 4 grams of carbs are sugar alcohol, which I believe are not digested like regular carbohydrates, but I’m not a medical professional.

  32. Fransis Jeschke says

    Hey Guys, This is an AMAZING Recipe.
    Now to my Dilemma: I wanted to make a batch of this fudge (i´ve made it before) for a friend who believes there is no such thing as “healthy treats”. So I planned to surprise her with some of this healthy, mouthwatering wonderfulness when I realised she is allergic To Almonds (also Hazels, Walnuts, Coconut and Macadamias). Could I replace the Almond meal with ground Cashews (wich is her absolute favorite snack) ? I´m hoping for a response! I can´t give up before I have proven that yummy treats don´t have to be calorie-, sugar- or fatloaded to taste like heaven! Please HELP me!

  33. Dara says

    Seriously!? These are the BEST freaking brownies I’ve EVER had!!! I am so excited and thankful to have this recipe in my box now :) My husband is a type II diabetic and brownies are one of his most favorite! I have a hard time getting him to try “healthy” alternatives. But, here lately he has really enjoyed them! Especially this one! I did use granulated coconut sugar in place of xylitol. It was excellent. Coconut sugar is low- glycemic as well. THANK YOU!!!! Can not wait to try more!

    • says

      Dara, you ROCK. You absolutely made my day with this comment. Thank you so much for making these brownies, and I am just so thrilled you and your husband enjoyed them!

  34. Liz C says

    Please do NOT eat half the pan if you have never cooked with or eaten xylitol before! Unless, of course, you want to spend the rest of your night in the restroom! lol

    I made the recipe exactly as you described and found the amount of cocoa to be a bit harsh so I made a sweet peanut butter icing from a bit of powdered sugar, almond milk, and peanut flour, and it really transformed the flavor! It ended up amazing!

    • says

      GREAT point. Eat that much xylitol and your stomach will not be happy camper.

      I love the idea of a sweet peanut icing. Mmmmmmm. I should try that sometime!

  35. NarcissaNas says

    First of all, thank you so much for this recipe! I can’t thank you enough, really.

    I made the brownies exactly according to your measurements, ingredients etc. But somehow my brownies came out cakey instead of fudgey :( They taste AMAZING though. I can’t seem to find what I did wrong :((

    • says

      I’m so sorry! First off, thank you for your kind words, and I’m sorry about the cakey vs. fudgy factor. Hmm. Are you sure you didn’t make any substitutions? I want to help!

  36. Mary Cat says

    Will “Just like sugar” work in these? It is made from a blend of Chicory root and orange peel and APPARENTLY it browns like sugar

  37. Dara says

    Oh my…. Made these AGAIN!! This time I added peanut flour and dark chocolate chips and made them into muffins!! Topped with Artisana cacao coconut butter.. SO DELICIOUS!!! This is my go-to dessert when I’m craving sweets (which isn’t often). They ALWAYS do the trick!! And I always have the ingredients on hand! Marvelous! Bravo again Kelly!!! You are a genius :)

  38. Nina says

    I was wondering..on my egg replacer box it says use 1 teaspoon egg replacer powder with 2 tablespoons water-that replaces one egg. So if I would use 3 tablespoons of the powder, according to the box that would be 9 eggs, and if I use 2 tablespoons water per egg, that’s 18 tablespoons water-maybe that’s why some people had their batter too liquidy-but anyways, do I follow the directions on the box, and if so, how many “eggs” would I use? Or should I use 3 tablespoons of the powder with 12 tablespoons water-your method? I don’t wanna mess it up. And for the xylitol, could I use drops of stevia extract?

    • says

      Hi Nina! We may be using different brans of egg replacer. I use Ener-g which says 1 1/2 teaspoons per 2 tablespoons, so I assume you should just do what your box says. Just as a heads up, I can’t vouch for how well these will turn out as I have only used Ener-g brand egg replacer.

      As for the xylitol, I wouldn’t sub in stevia here as the brownies rely on the xylitol for texture. You can also use erythritol or regular cane sugar if you want.

      Hope this helps, and happy baking!

  39. kelsey says

    these are amazing!!! I can’t believe how delicious they are for how healthy they are! Definitely going to finish the pan in about 5 seconds hahah

  40. Juliana says

    I just tried making these… and they turned out tasting completely like xylitol :/
    I’m not sure what went wrong, but they didnt taste chocolatey to me at all-

  41. Katie says

    Just made these tonight! Mine went in for 21 minutes and came out cakey and a little dry, but I did use whole wheat flour, and a little under 3/4 cup of xylitol! The taste was rich and chocolatey just as I had hoped! I topped mine with ice cream, PB2, and some fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, I couldn’t stop nibbling pieces off of them! Next time I’m thinking of adding a little almond milk or extra applesauce in hopes of them coming out fudgey, but otherwise they were great! LOVE THEM!!

  42. Meighan says

    I was so excited to try these. Made them exactly as the recipe instructs. Not only were they horrible tasting, but I got a horrendous headache from the xylitol. Sorry but these were a definite miss.

    • says

      I’m sorry these didn’t work out for you Meighan! This is one of my favorite recipes, and I really want you to be able to enjoy it. I would be happy to help you troubleshoot.

  43. Paige says

    I really want to make these but the measurements are confusing me (I’m from London). Would you be able to convert these to something else for me please

  44. says

    I have been looking for a really good low carb brownie and I made these amazing low carb brownies today. I am in heaven. I made the breakfast brownies yesterday, they are good to be sure, but I like this one better.
    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

  45. Jpac says

    O….M….G!!!!! I just baked these brownies and they are AMAZING!!! I mean, I’m considering offering my first born as an offering of gratitude! I used erythritol (swerve) and Just Whites (equivalent of 4 egg whites). I didn’t change one thing in the recipe.

    I have tried many low carb desserts. Most of them are only repeated in moments of desperation. But THIS recipe is a keeper! These will be a staple in my house. Thank you so much for sharing!

  46. Alicia says

    I also thought the batter was too runny, probably because i went to three different stores looking for eryithitrol gave up and used stevia with brown sugar. I added more almond meal and it came out cakey, the way I like it. Nice dessert with my lunch

  47. Katka says


    I just had some and it was awesome!!!
    The one thing I am wondering though, is the calorie count of the whole tray with xylitol… I dont know how much calories is in 3/4 cup so I would love some help with this, please!

    Thank you very much! :)

    • says

      Hi Katka! I am so glad you enjoyed these brownies! There are 360 calories in 3/4 cup xylitol. I calculated the nutritional information of this recipe with erythritol. Hope this helps!

  48. Tiffany says

    I made these tonight because I was craving them after having seen them on Pinterest!! I used Stevia because that is what we had, and everything came out great (texture etc), except they tasted almost like they had no sugar, just very plain. Is this what you experienced using Stevia? Have you tried Splenda before. I know it’s not the healthiest of choices per say, but wonder if that would give me a little more sugary taste I missed.

  49. Amanda says

    These look delish!
    I am trying to be healthier and want to try these but my poor 5 year old is extremely sensitive anything chocolate and low sugar (diarrhea) has anyone complained about that after eating these?!!?!

  50. Amanda B says

    omg this recipe is so perfect…I made it tonight, and it came out a tad too uncompact, but I know that was just because I was too impatient to wait for it to bake properly :p
    it’s really great for someone like me who wants to be healthy but also has those intense chocolate cravings (I’m sure I’m not alone here)…these brownies are so chocolatey that I can only need a few and my intense chocolate cravings are sated 😀 thanks so much for making this awesome recipe, keep up the good work c: xx

  51. Tracey says

    Do you know how many grams 3/4 cup erythritol is? I’d like to weigh it out on my food scale prior to making these:) Thanks!

  52. Janet says

    We’ve tried these 3 times with the third time being a total success. The third time we used vanilla yogurt instead of applesauce or a mashed banana. We found that the applesauce or banana caused the brownies to taste like those flavors too much instead of pure chocolate. We also used coconut flour and Ener-G egg replacer since we have food allergies in our family. For sweetener, we used granular Swerve. With that combination, the brownies were awesome! Thank you!

  53. aida says

    Hey Kelly! So I’ve been trying several of your recipes and they’re really very good. These brownies sound devine but I was wondering if it would be possible to swap the xylitol for truvia. I’m from Italy and they don’t seem to have xylitol here.

  54. says

    YUM! Made these using stevia and yogurt in place of the apple sauce. Definitely not a fudgey brownie, but when I can eat the pan for dinner I’m more than satisfied! If using stevia, use had the amount and use a little sugar to balance the sweetness. I also thought they were a little salty (probably from my changes). I made frosting with PB2 and low fat cream cheese too!

    • Dulcie de Kock says

      Glad these tickled your tummy & taste buds, Ashley! There aren’t many things in this world more satisfying than being able to label an entire batch of brownies as dinner, and not having to feel any post-sugar guilt afterwards. Mmmm, that frosting sounds fantastic! Great addition:-)

  55. Sydney says

    I loved it so much I made it twice two days in a row. The first time I made it I only made 1/3 of the entire recipe and it came out really thin, but very yummy! The second time I made it the whole recipe and it was so fudge-y! Just as good as the fatty, sugary, packaged brownies. Maybe even better…. This is probably my favorite recipe on your site (and this is saying a lot because I love your recipes!), following this is your healthy pop tart recipe. Of course I have not tried every recipe on your blog yet, but I can not wait to try them all! Next time I will just use a little less salt, because they tasted just a tad bit salty, but I may have used salted almonds. Right after I made this I had to run somewhere, and left the brownies out ( I had to try them before I left though of course!) They kinda dried out, so they became cookie-like. Oooops….. Still delicious. Altogether, SO YUMMY!
    I will be definitely making more of these in the future!!!

    • Dulcie de Kock says

      I’m ecstatic that you enjoyed this recipe, Sydney! These brownies are blushing at your praises;-) Salted almonds could be the culprit in the saline taste. However, salted chocolate seems to be a popular flavor as of late so perhaps it all worked out for the best! Thank you so much for your consistent feedback; you are a Foodie Fiasco queen bee! We’re happy that you’re here! Please continue to update us with your spectacular comments on how your adventure to try all of the recipes in this site’s repertoire goes:-)

  56. Carolyn says

    Possible helpful tip for those with adverse effects to sugar alcohols: Beano.
    My oversharing story:
    Every sugar alcohol I have tried gives me a ton of incredibly stinky gas. My husband KNOWS if I’ve eaten any sugar alcohol. (hehe) I thought maybe I could get away with eating erythritol b/c it is usually absorbed before it can reach the intestinal bacteria that cause the gas, but no luck (well, a little. It wasn’t AS much gas…). However, my neighbor told me that Beano has been effective for her in combating these issues. I confess I haven’t tried it yet, but I will have to keep it in mind if I make these brownies. :)

  57. says

    OMG!!!! I just took these brownies out of the oven…. Chocolate heaven. The batter was a little runny at first but I let it sit for 5 mins in the bowl in the counter before pouring batter in the pan. 10 thumbs up

  58. Nina Woythaler says

    Four egg whites = the whites of four eggs. Take four eggs, take out the yolks, and you’ve got yourself 4 egg whites! Hope this helped! xoxo


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