A Night on the Town (and a Giveaway Winner)

There’s something about being in a room full of wonderful people. And no, being under a ridiculously fantastic chandelier while you do it doesn’t hurt.

A Night on the Town- Foodie Fiasco

God must be smiling on me because, courtesy of the always-incredible Chobani, I got to spend my humble Wednesday evening surrounded by wonderful people and wonderful food. What could be better that? Nothing. That’s what.

(You’re impressed with my DSLiPhone photography. I can tell.)

So this Hatfield’s place? Super fetch. (Yes, I am going to make “fetch” happen. Please tell me you understand the Tina Fey Mean Girls reference. If you don’t, nod and smile. It’s for your own good.) The brilliant Chef Quinn Hatfield concocted this completely unforgettable five course masterpiece for our chewing pleasure. Complete with Chobani-inspired menu. Of course.

A Night on the Town- Foodie Fiasco

Much like the food, the people were unforgettable. Chung-Ah is absolutely amazing (and she has excellent taste in camera straps), Joy deserves a statue built in her honor (Joy, perhaps it’ll be you posing with a pie?), Catherine is positively delightful in every way, Lynn is just so darn likeable,  Caren is a true inspiration… and Amy and Cristina? The Chobani dream team? Yes. They rock. Hard. Just like all the lovely ladies (and gent!) who were there. (I do hope we can keep in touch!) I am so lucky.

A Night on the Town- Foodie Fiasco

Anywhoooo. I had this giveaway in which I talked at you (minimal rambling). For the record, you gave me beautiful responses. (You people are poets, you know that?) Anyway, as a token of my gratitude for all you do and are, courtesy of Polk Audio, I present a $50 Polk gift card. And the winner is…

Bianca at Sweet Dreaming!  “i can’t imagine life without music! i was raised from a young age to play the piano, so it’s definitely a huge part of my life.”

Congrats, lady! Send me an email at kelly [AT] foodiefiasco [DOT] com, and we’ll get you your loot! Thank you so much to everyone participated. I love you guys. I really do.

You have cookies in your future. Or maybe some polenta. At least I have it narrowed down.


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