11 Ways to Make Spring Break Last as Long as Humanly Possible

1. Make sure you actually have a spring break. This is rather important. If you have a job that has the nerve to not give you a proper spring break, quit that job immediately and come work for me. I don’t pay all that well, but I can give up to 52 weeks off a year! Unlimited hugs and free cookies are a bonus.

Useful tips are better with feeble humor.

2. Minimize sleep. This is best done by staying up until moderately ridiculous hours of the morning tooling away at a graphic design for your food blog, preferably with an amazingly amazing graphic designer. More details to come, but please bask in the glory of what is live so far.

While we’re depriving ourselves asleep, make sure to have your server crash a few times. It really does the trick.

3. I’m completely kidding about the self sleep deprivation thing! If I were serious, you’d have to call the teenage mutant ninja turtle hotline, because I would definitely exhibiting some very teenage mutatant-like behavior.

I mean it. SLEEP. Sleep creatively. Sleep next to beautiful spring flowers. Don’t get stung by bees. Sleep with a smile on your face.

4. Have fun! Sleep is totally fun (remember, I’m required to say that to retain my status as a non-mutant teenager), but if given the choice, definitely pick this instead:

Go to the barn, ask for Parker, and tell them Kelly sent you. (FYI, Parker is my spirit animal.)

5. Get yourself a spirit animal. It works. Some possible suggestions are seahorses, adorable and brilliant paint horses named Parker, and Jennifer Lawrence.

6. See something beautiful, and relish it. Beauty truly is everywhere, so go on and recognize some. You could travel across the world or stick your head outside your bedroom window and behold the sky. Relish the beauty. Smile.

Excuse me, smile and pose. Cowgirl hat not optional. (Excuse me, spellcheck, how is cowgirl not a word? Sheesh.)

7. Watch inordinate amounts of Nikita. (Seriously, do it.) Finish Nikita. Wish there was the third season of Nikita on Netflix. Ponder why this is not so. Watch Dance Academy instead. Think about how fun Australian accents are to listen to. Be rebellious by ending sentences with prepositions. Consider getting a pet kangaroo. (Animal Control hasn’t budged yet, but I’m working on it! The no pet kangaroos law isn’t a real thing, right?  Like jaywalking?)

8. Do some deep thinking. It stretches time. Something truly ground-breaking, such as the meaning of human existence or why Netflix does not have season 3 of Nikita.

9. Demonstrate that true art cannot be contained. (i.e. Take an awesome picture from behind a screen window.)

It’s liberating.

10. MAKE LISTS. I don’t get why lists are so wonderful, but they are. They make me feel so organized, and I’m so accomplished when I check stuff off I can’t even tell you. Lists with eleven points are especially wonderful. Just sayin’.

11. Cupcakes. When you eat a good cupcake, the rest of the world melts away. It’s magical. Cupcakes end things well, such as dinners or posts. Come to think of it, they make great centerpieces of things too, such as dinners or posts. If cupcakes weren’t amazing, they wouldn’t have gotten their own show on the Food Network. (This rule also applies to Alex Guarnaschelli.)


What do you think of the new graphic design so far?

It’s a work in progress, but I love my graphic designer and I think the design is coming along beautifully. Are there any features you would like to see added to the site? Please let me know!



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  1. says

    Cowgirl isn’t a word!? For shame. Or maybe it’s just un-pc now to say cowgirl and cowboy and we are all cowpeople;). Hehe, I’ll be a cowdame.

  2. Paula says

    Hi Kelly – I’ve got a doubl.e batch of your brownies (the ones from the coffee mug) in the oven, perusing your new design. Love it, it does look clean, and is almost as cute as you are. =)

    Next is the broccoli cheese soup for my vegetarian daughter (not going to tell her about the pumpkin or the nutritional yeast ’til she tastes it). OMG just as I’m finishing this post the timer went off – THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!


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